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a unique community service project patronized by Comptroller & Auditor General of India, (I.A. & A D), New Delhi 1994 – 2014 Two decades service to the mentally challenged citizens Mental Retardation (MR) is defined as a central nervous system dysfunction producing an IQ below 70; this results in significant deficiencies in two or more life skills, such as self-direction, academic skills, social skills, communication, health and work. Terms like mental sub normality, mental deficiency, feeble mindedness and mental disability are frequently used for MR (mentally challenged). With an understanding of the above disability, we, under the name of the Parents Association of AG’s Office Employees for the welfare of the mentally handicapped have established Lekhadeep (Vocational Training-cum-Rehabilitation Centre) in the year 1994 under the Chief patronage of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, New Delhi and patronage by all the Principal Accountants General, A.P. Hyderabad. Thanks to their gracious concern – the Centre is now housed in Seven quarters and a Work shed. The National Institute for mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad provided necessary guidance for setting up of the centre and we are running it successfully since two decades. This community service patronized by the Indian Audit and Accounts Department Authorities (IA&A.D) is open to all the eligible persons of the society (without restriction of caste, creed, community, religion, race, region or sex).

When the Centre started functioning in March 1994, a mere six trainees were on its roll, and this gradually increased to 17 within an year and presently there are about 85 M.R. Trainees – ranging from Mild and Moderate to severely retarded category manned by Professionals and trained teachers. The Parents association expanded the services by establishing a Special School in the year 2000 and Lekhasamarth- Respite Home in the year 2004. The Organization is so far functioning, with the financial support of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in the shape of part Grants-in-aid towards recurring expenditure to the V.T.C. and Ten years tapering grant by the National Trust to the Home which is getting expired by 9/2014. Hence there is an urgency to raise Corpus fund for continuous sustainability. The Special School is being run by the donations/monthly fee from the parents/beneficiaries.

Sustainability of this noble project has now come under the threat of resource crunch. This can be addressed in two ways. One, through donations towards specific operational and running costs such as food, health, recreational and livelihood activities, sheltered work shop, marketing the products, charging fee from the parents who can afford with due concessions to low income group. The second is through the Corpus fund to be named as LEKHADEEP CORPUS FUND with a target of Rs. 2 crore which aim at an annual recurring interest to meet operating costs. This can be achieved to some extent with the support/involvement of parents/siblings of the beneficiaries but more needs to be done.

Our main supporters for the noble cause so far, by purchasing the products turned out by our Special Employees (M.R. Workers), are Andhra Pradesh High Court, Hyderabad, Principal Accountant General (A&E), Principal Accountant General (E&RSA), Principal Accountant General (G&SSA), Principal Director of Commercial Audit (MAB), Principal Director of Audit (Centre), A.P., Hyderabad, A.P.T.P.C., A.P. I.D.C., A.P. Micro Irrigation, Unani Hospital, Brahmam Talent School, Colleagues, Sister Organizations in Accountants General Office, surrounding Colony Welfare Associations and Residents. The unique feature of our V.T.C. is paying stipend to each MR Special employee for the work done from the receipts of finished goods (Ranging from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1000pm depending upon the skills so as to motivate them). We thank them all for their support and service.

A p p e a l

LEKHADEEP- a community service PROJECT patronized by the COMPTROLLER & AUDITOR GENERAL OF INDIA and by all the PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTANTS’ GENERAL of A.P. & Telengana States for the welfare of intellectually disabled.
Guided by: NIEPID (NIMH), Secunderabad
LEKHADEEP was formed by Parents Association of Accountants’ General Offices Employees for the welfare of intellectually challenged children in the year 1994 in Qr. No C-49 of A.Gs. Staff Quarters, Hyderabad, with nine children of A.Gs.Employees. However, Lekhadeep has subsequently extended its service to other intellectually challenged children also. Lekhadeep has 60 intellectually Challenged persons employed in its sheltered workshop and paying a stipend ranging from Rs. 500/- to Rs.1700/- per month depending upon their capability and competence.  Lekhadeep has imparted training to more than 200 intellectually challenged individuals so far.  It has been trying to explore and develop the skills of the intellectually challenged to the maximum extent and engage them to make productive contribution to the society and live life with dignity and respect. Lekhadeep has won Six “Best Employee National Awards.” We have completed 25 years of service and celebrated Silver Jubilee on 16.11.2019 in the august presence of Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan, Hon. Chief Justice of High Court, Telengana.

Apart from vocational training, these individuals are encouraged in participate in various sports and games organized by  Special Olympic Bharat.  Lekhadeep also conducts yearly recreational tours programmes to these children along with their parents. The products manufactured by these children are supplied to High Courts of A.P & T.S., A.Gs. offices, Government/private establishments, schools, colleges, and neighboring residents.
One Look is worth a Thousand Words, so please watch this video link https://youtu.be/U4tRiDODu9k for complete insight of the activities of our organization and also visit our website at www.lekhadeep.org to know more about us.


Lekhadeep has been able to continue its services to these individuals for the past 26 years only with the help of donations from philanthropists, especially AG’s office employee’s monthly contributions, and aid from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. Ministry has been tapering the Grant-in-aid since 1999 and has completely withdrawn its support w.e.f. 1.4.2018 taking into account the physical age of 18 years of these individuals. It is an established fact that these do not mature with their physical age and need lifelong support. In this context, we humbly appeal for your generous contributions to continue our services to this marginalized section of our society.   Please donate to us as much amount as you can and take the well-wishes of these pure and pristine children. Even a very small donation can make a huge difference in the lives of these children.  Donations may be made in cash or by cheque towards Corpus Funds:

Our Bank details are as follows:

Name of the Bank:                       Central Bank of India
 Bank Branch address:                 Kalyan Nagar, Hyderabad-500 038
Name of the Account holder     LEKHADEEP     (Cheque also in favour of Lekhadeep only)
Bank Account No                          1017232095
MICR Code of the Bank:              500016010
Type of Account                            Savings
IFSC Code No:                                CBIN 0282369

R.SAMBASIVA RAO        R. LAKSHMANA SARMA        M.RAMU                      A.V. PRASAD               V. GIRIJAPATHI RAO
PRESIDENT                       VICE PRESIDENT                    SECRETARY                   JOINT SECRETARY              TREASURER
Mob#9440054405          Mob#9441270381             Mob#9848488175         Mob#9989553114            Mob#9392482397

Your kindness is someone’s hope

Donations to Lekhadeep are exempted under 80G (5) of I.T. Act – PAN NO.  AAATP8724E 
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