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The quality of life every person with Mental Retardation should rise, as to the equal to other citizens of the Nation; in that they should live with self-reliance, self-confidence and self-esteem - to the optimum extent possible-in-spite of the Constraints of their own deficiencies and the Bias & Prejudices of other members of the Society.


Through persistent, dedicated & sincere efforts, impart special education/ functional education, followed by vocational/skills training - as nearly suited to the latent skills & aptitudes, to ensure their rehabilitation & social fitment.

Give Them Opportunity Not Pity.


An abiding passion to make the Mentally Retarded Persons to project their potentialities, overcoming their own diffidence, the indifference & inertia of the family members and excel with effort & hard work so that they all can look up as full fledged contributors to partners and participants in, The National Productive Endeavour instead of being looked down upon as recipients/ mere beneficiaries of such National Productive efforts.

Value Statement

To inculcate the Human Values in an integrated training setup on the Road to realization of the ultimate goals of social fitment and self-reliance. So that, their lives touch sublime levels of decent social living, and, the World will be a better place to live in - as stepping stone to a truly Egalitarian Society.  

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