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Co-Curricular Activities

The training involves preparation of ground to help equip themselves in all aspects to receive suitable training, behavioural aspects, to bring out their latent talents, straighten out the abnormalities like violent or too shy, withdrawn behaviour and integrate them into the mainstream.

Functional Schooling, Social Fitment, related activities, training in sports and games (both indoor & outdoor) and encouragement to take part in special sports meets conducted at "District, State, National and International Levels" also [eg Lekhadeep trainees - 6 Nos. - were selected and participated as members of the cricket team for the Asia Pacific Invitational Cricket Team held at Ahmedabad and follow up events at Baroda and Mumbai, in International Paralympics Meet 2004 at Muzafurpur, in the National Team for the Field Hockey Event held at Coimbattore etc.]

Besides increasing comprehension ability, polishing inter-personal relationship, they are also trained and encouraged to participate in Exhibitions, Workshops and Quiz competitions to demonstrate the various manufacturing and related activities like counting, bundling, transport and delivery of goods.

Regular Study Tours are arranged (a few being to Puttaparthi, Basar, Sanghi Complex, Tirupati, Visakhapatnam, Simhachalam, Vikarabad & outside the state also to Puri, Bhubhaneshwar, Hampi, Bangalore, Mysore etc. ) to educate and entertain them and make the transit to 'inclusion' in the main stream of society easier and smoother.

Yoga based exercises, breathing techniques, music, histrionics are part of the above ground breaking activities. And the aids such as Carrom-Boards, Exercise-Bicycle, Volley-Ball, Cricket Kit etc. which are available for regular training to Keep-Fit programme also.

Health Check-up and guidance sessions are a regular phenomenon with the regular visits of Psychiatrist, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Consulting Psychologist etc.

Positive Backlash

The impact of this optimistic and job-oriented training has resulted in tremendous impact on our functioning style and rejuvenated the strength of our team to explore new possibilities. Out of 135 trainees more than 40 have been rehabilitated in the past 13 years, not counting those working in the "Sheltered Workshop". Lekhadeep has retained as a regular employee its erstwhile MR Trainee Mr I Raj Kumar, who won the National Award in 1999 (as the Best Disabled - MR employee), a classic example to reckon with.

Free Training

Also it is a matter of pride that more than 70% of our trainees are now commuting on their own, without the help of escorts which they were used to earlier, at times changing two or three buses to come to the work spot or to important locations in the city - A classic example of building up self reliance and self confidence.

Behavioural improvement

It is a matter of justifiable pride that there is considerable & appreciable improvement, perhaps a bit slow, but definitely perceptible, steady & telling improvement, in the behavioral pattern of a few severe and profound cases of Retardation, violent pent up feelings or behaviour, hyperactivity etc.

Notably important is the fact that, some of the trainees have consistently portrayed their talents of Music, Songs, Drama etc. in Special Olympics, Cultural Ccompetitions like Quiz, Anthakshari etc. at the District, State, National and even International levels also.

These achievements can be attributed to the holistic approach of 'Personality Development' through training, regular music, song, story-telling, discussion, daily prayer, low intensity yoga exercises, sports, games, periodical outings, educational tours, picnics etc.  

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