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VTC (Vocational Training Center)

A Vocational Training Centre for the Mentally Handicapped is meant for adolescent/ adults with such disabilities and is expected i.) To keep them engaged in a useful job and ii) to improve their attention span, as also, to moving the differently abled persons towards self reliance, economic betterment and integration into the main stream of the society, to the extent their disabilities permit. This is the natural step forward and an essential forward linkage from Special School Education and Pre-Vocational Training to the Workshop Environment and thus enables the differently abled child to put to beneficiarl use, the basic living skills and the concepts of shape, size, colour, number, time etc. learnt at the Special School stage.

Coming to Vocational Training aspect, the two way needs i.e. (i) to ensure the aptitude of the trainee on the one hand and (ii) to ensure that the trades taught are suitable to the beneficiary, have been assessed and are being ensured. Further the potential viability of marketing the skills acquired [in terms of products/ service] have also been assessed and a suitable programme of training has been chalked out and is implemented.

With the increasing stress on expanding the education needs in the society in general, the need for stationery items like exercise note books of all types, long note books, rough note books, drawing books and other office accessories like file pads, office files, scribbling pads, envelopes etc. are in perennial and increasing demand. So are household utility items like white phenyl, vessel cleaning powder, detergent powder etc. and services like photo copying, lamination, Pouch sealing & STD booth operation. As a result of surveys and studies in this regard, a fair mix of such items mentioned above has been arrived at and is being implemented in the Vocational Training Unit.

For this purpose, apart from manual operation like folding, refolding, ruler pressing, gumming, pasting etc. hands on training is given in the related machines like paper cutting, cover punching, press, perforation, file creasing & hole punching, spiral binding machines, sewing machines etc.

To mention a few VTC Trainees who have branched out either to the Sheltered Workshop or are working in self/ open employment (out of more than 65, in the past decade & more)

1I. RajkumarVTC Project of Lekhadeep in all related operations
2Md Rafeeq PashaJ. C. Graphic Printers
3Kamineni SrikanthStylish Holmes Real Estates (P) Ltd., Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad
4J. M. Arun KumarSelf Employment - running STD and Xerox Booth at Sowbhgya Nagar, Bala Nagar PO, RR District
5V. Bhanu PrakashHelper in Printing Press at Lakadi ka Pool
6S. Ravi KumarXerox Operator, AP Transco

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